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Battery Swapping Technology Patented By Kawasaki—Report

It is no secret that Kawasaki playing around the idea of electric mobility. A few months ago, a Kawasaki electric motor and a Ninja electric system presented designs capable of replacing the battery and were also patented. Now we have images for these patents.

The images show that the bike will be equipped with an electric motor and an L-shaped battery, all crammed into the room where a conventional engine would be designed to be mounted on it. This reduces the center of gravity of the bike, making the scheme much easier.

The most important technology patented here is the ability to replace the battery. The figure shows that the left side of the chassis can be unlocked to remove the battery, but if you use a car to move it, it indicates that the battery is not really light. This means that the whole process can be a little annoying and that a replaceable battery can augment the reach of a bike but it does not seem like this can be done along the road.

We will have to wait for more clarity on this and the battery exchange technology is still in its infancy. With battery upgrades and the emergence of environmentally friendly electric vehicles, it will not be long before we can accumulate more energy in smaller batteries than lithium-ion batteries.

With this new patent that is dedicated to the futuristic approach of electric mobility, Kawasaki has also initiated its work for safety features that are compatible with next-generation vehicles. Various other bike manufacturers have also started to offer safety features such Ducati which is already following the 2025 Safety Road Map. KTM on the other side is also developing safety tech-based radar technology for its vehicle range.

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