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During Ground Tests, SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft Witnesses Glitch

A SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft witnessed what the firm said was an “error” during static fire trials of its abort engines last week. This triggered a delay to the firm’s schedules to fly a crewed trial flight later this year. A SpaceX spokesperson confirmed in a statement that there was some issue during trials of the spacecraft at Landing Zone 1, which was the ex-Launch Complex 13. These trials were carried out at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. He provided few details about what happened.

In a statement to SpaceNews, the spokesperson proclaimed that recently SpaceX carried out a series of engine trials on a Crew Dragon trial vehicle. These trials were carried out on the firm’s trial stand at Landing Zone 1 in Cape Canaveral, Florida. He added that the primary trials completed successfully, however, the final trial resulted in an issue on the trial stand.

On a similar note, Leaf Space, Italian Space firm, recently came into the news. The firm is said to be the specialist in ground station solutions for tiny satellite constellations operated by various firms including Australia’s Fleet and Switzerland’s Astrocast. Reportedly, Leaf Space is putting its efforts to triple the number of ground station sites it operates from about four (in Europe) to almost twelve globally. The reports as well state that to achieve this goal, the firm is about to undertake a capital raising campaign.

In an interview last week, Giovanni Pandolfi, Chief Technology Officer, Leaf Space, stated that right now the firm is trying to expand the entire infrastructure in a faster way. He added that the firm has customer demand more than what it expected. He further stated that it needs to get there much faster than it initially planned. That is why the firm will open another round of capital raising campaign in the upcoming months.

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