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New Adhesive Patch Assists In Reducing Post-Heart Attack Muscle Stretching

Researchers disclosed that they have designed a novel type of adhesive patch. Reportedly, this patch can be directly placed on the heart. Researchers assured that the latest invention might one day help to minimize the stretching of the heart muscle that mostly occurs following a heart attack. According to researchers, this patch is made from a water-based hydrogel material. It was formed using computer simulations of heart function to fine-tune the material’s mechanical properties.

Research on rats demonstrated that the patch was efficient in preventing left ventricle remodeling, which is an expansion of the heart muscle. This condition is widespread following a heart attack that can reduce the activity of the heart’s key pumping chamber. The research also highlighted that the computer-optimized patch surpassed patches whose mechanical properties had been selected on an improvised basis. The research is available in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering.

On a similar note, a recent study discovered that older women who were inactive for a long time were at higher risk to develop cardiovascular disease than women who sat less. This observational research is available online in the journal Circulation. It analyzed activity patterns of over 5,000 older women with age range 63–97 for a one week period. Then these participants were followed up for additional five-year period.

Both the total time spent sitting every day and the duration of every inactivity period was measured with the help of fitness trackers. The important finding states that an extra hour of total inactive time was linked to about 12% higher threat for cardiovascular disease throughout the follow-up period. When the sitting time was made up of long uninterrupted sedentary sessions, the risk was found to be far higher (almost 54%) than when it was accumulated in brief, regularly interrupted bouts of inactive time.

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