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Cervical Cancer Subtype Growing In A Few Women Subpopulations

A novel study reported that a category of cervical cancer, which is less sensitive to Pap testing, is growing in a few subpopulations of women. The research has pointed to the increasing importance of human papillomavirus (HPV) testing as well as vaccination. This study is available online in the journal Preventive Medicine.

General trends in cervical cancer incidence have been determined by drops in squamous cell carcinoma, which accounts for most cervical cancers. Majority of the rest are adenocarcinomas. This tumor is less sensitive to Pap testing. While most cervical cancer rates have been falling for decades, cervical adenocarcinomas appear to have become more widespread in the past 20–30 Years. However, there has been restricted reporting on current trends. To study more on this topic, researchers led by Farhad Islami, MD, Ph.D., analyzed the latest cervical cancer incidence trends by age and histology in the U.S.

On a similar note, a recent study highlighted that slashing down on meat, fish, and dairy might assist avoid breast cancer. This helps in adapting to withstand important hormone therapy medications and minimizing the chances of the disease spreading or recurring.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School disclosed the discovery of an “unexpected” association between the important nutrient leucine, which is contained in high quantities in animal protein, and tumors growing resistance to the medication tamoxifen. Although the findings require to be verified in clinical tests, they raise the possibility that shifting to a diet with importantly vegetable proteins, with lower leucine levels, might keep tamoxifen effective for longer. However, according to independent experts, at this early stage, the patient shouldn’t cut anything from their meal prior to medical advice. Approximately four out of five breast cancer patients are susceptible to growth signs from the female hormone oestrogen (ER+).

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