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Ongoing Tariff War Takes Toll On The Manufacturing Sector; Key Indicator Dips!

A vital indicator suggested that all is not well in the manufacturing sector. Escalating tariff is affecting the industry by a large margin. One of the firms recently conducted a survey about the outlook of New York’s companies on their business. The survey report revealed that there has been a dip by 26 points.

At present, economists also have revealed the exact figure after the survey which is around -8.6. Negative reading of a business sector is a clear indication that it requires immediate attention. Without immediate help it is highly likely that a particular business sector will be affected badly in future.

Economists also stated that the present dip has taken place due to unemployment, lack of new orders and decline in workweek length. Moreover, the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank is also sinking at a striking rate. At present, most of the manufacturers not only have to deal with present tariffs but they also have to care about the tariffs which they might face in the upcoming future.

At present, the president of America is threatening to impose an additional tariff of 10% over $300 billion tariff on various Chinese goods. Trump had backed down from his decision in which he had planned to impose tariff on Mexican goods.

As a retaliatory action, the Chinese government has also increased the tariff rate on US goods. This has resulted in the economic slowdown US had recorded a decline of 20% in its Chinese exported goods. In one of his reports, Fitch Ratings wrote that it is very essential to protect the global economy from the present Trade War which is taking place between US and China. Moreover, in his report Fitch blamed various factors for the global economic slumping. He blamed Brexit uncertainty, and the Trade War which is all time high between the US and China.

Brice Thompson
SR. EDITOR At The Business News 24

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