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Some Antidepressants May Provide Cure For Several Infectious Diseases

According to research, some antidepressants can possibly be utilized to cure a broad range of diseases induced by bacteria living in cells. The study was conducted by researchers in the VCU’s SOM (Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine) along with collaborators at other institutions. The study was published in the journal Life Science Alliance and showed that antidepressant drugs—such as FIASMAs, counting amitriptyline, desipramine, and nortriptyline—stopped the growth or killed four various intracellular bacterial pathogens within tissue cell culture and animal models.

Jason Carlyon—Professor in the VCU—said, “The antibiotic options for diseases induced by intracellular bacteria are confined as many of these drugs cannot permeate our cell membranes. Basically, the bacteria are guarded.” The tetracycline antibiotics are most normally recommended to cure intracellular bacterial infections since they can pass cell membranes to attain the microbes. Nevertheless, tetracyclines may cause an allergic response in some patients and doctors recommended to restrict such drugs to pregnant women and kids owing to undesirable side effects. In addition, antibiotic resistance in some of the intracellular bacteria has been stated. Carlyon said, “It will be highly beneficial to have a type of drugs to cure such diseases in people for whom tetracyclines are advised.”

Recently, the VCU was in news for its study that explored how music increased productivity. Listening to music makes anyone happy and it produces dopamine—which is known as nature’s happy pill—in the brain. It also makes anyone sad; in fact, music can stir up every emotion known to human beings if it is the right music. Kathleen R. Keeler (doctoral student) and Jose M. Cortina—Professor in the VCU’s School of Business—researched the connection amid musical characteristics and job performance. They discovered that other aspects like lyrics, volume, musical preference, and familiarity also can possibly influence work outcomes.

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