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Researchers Find Gut Bacterial DNA In Brain Clots

Strokes can be prevented by well-maintaining oral hygiene. The researchers scientifically proved this fact by recognized gut microbial DNA traces in the blood clots that were responsible for causing strokes.

Scientists from Tampere University, Finland analyzed blood clot samples extracted from 75 patients suffered from ischemic stroke or brain stroke, who received emergency treatment.

The patients underwent thrombectomies for the removal of blood clots using catheters linked to arteries. The researchers then analyzed the extracted blood clots and found that in 79% of patients, DNA traces present in the clots were of the most common gut bacteria, Streptococcus mitis.

For further investigation, the researchers took different samples from the same patients to compare the level of oral bacteria present in different samples. The researchers found that the traces of oral bacteria were relatively higher in blood clots than other samples.

The research is recently published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

On a similar note, the novel study brings new hope for the people, who have been struggling with a fading memory. According to the study, neurons continue to generate for the lifetime, even if people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease—mental impairments.

The researchers said that the study outcomes could lead to new ways of treating cognitive decline in older adults. In the study, the researchers examined hippocampus—a tissue inside the brains. The investigation was conducted on 18 demised people, with the average age of 90+ Years.

The researchers specifically chose hippocampus for examination, as it is the key tissue involved in memories development and in learning. They found that each brain comprised around 2,000 neural stem cells and almost 150,000 developing neurons.

Though the people suffering from mental impairments had newly developing neurons, their levels were considerably lower than in the healthy people’s brains, the research team observed.

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